High Point Quartet (Gospel Bluegrass)
High Point Quartet(Gospel Bluegrass)

Welcome to the HPQ website.

Thru much prayer the HighPoint Quartet has moved in the direction to bisbanded.  We feel this is the will of our LORD JESUS CHRIST for our lives.


In 1991 Mark Ferguson and James Sanford began to have a burden to sing for our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. We began singing in churches around Polk Co. Ga.


In 1992 Jason Thompson joined therefore; we decided to name our group the High Point Mountains Boys. In 1993, Tim & Joann Elsberry joined us at which time we changed the name to the High Point Quartet.


In 2003 it was agreed by the group to disban the High Point Quartet and pray about another direction. In 2005 the Lord impressed to start up another group Pure-N-Heart that consisted of Mark Ferguson Sr & Jr, Kyle Tibbetts & Jacob Scott.


Due to a conflict with many groups using the name Pure-N-Heart, we decided to go back to using the original High Point Quartet name that we are currently using.


From 1991 until this day, the Lord has blessed us with many great people to use their talents for the furtherance of the gospel thru playing and singing. Those fine people are as follows: The late James Sanford, Jason Thompson, Travis Casson, Tim, Joann, Waylon & Joseph Elsberry, Mark Jr, Andrew & Tim Ferguson, Cliff Cook, Derrick Erwin, Jacob Scott, Tim Witt, Jody Thorton, Brandon Fennell & Jonathan Boss.


A very special thank you goes out to the most resent group members that consit of Mark Ferguson Sr., Kylr Tibbetts , Shaun Drey, Josh Rakestraw and, Glen Hayes as  well as,  all of our former members and their families for the sacrificces they made while  sharing the Gospel on this blessed  HPQ journey. Thank you for helping us to spread the gospel thru preaching, testimony, songs and, music. The Lord blessed our ministry because of all the contributions you made for HPQ. We pray the Lord continues his blessings to all of you and, your precious families.


We would like to take this opportunity to thank every person these past 29 years that  has invited us to worship with you thru music and singing his praises. Our prayers and desires has always been to exault our LORD and savior JESUS CHRIST to encourage the Christians as well as, point sinners to our savior JESUS CHRIST. 


Once again ,  I would like to tak this opportunity to  thank every former member of the HPQ for the sacrifices they made for the furthurance of the Gospel. Please pray for all of the former members of HPQ that we  may always follow the direction our LORD JESUS CHRIS would have us to go in. 


GOD speed to all as we go to the next chapter of our lives. In JESUS CHRIST name we pray, AMEN.


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